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From The Heart Press offers a printed workbook, the Legacy Planner, which can be used by financial planners and their clients to gather all of the clients' important information (bank account numbers, locations of important papers, passwords, etc.) together in a single document. They were looking for an app that would provide the same ease of use as the workbook, a way to market it to their customers (financial planners), and a way to deliver it to their customer's clients. Teaming up with our favorite web designer Maria Friske and our favorite copywriter David J. LeVant, Inc., we:

Created an HTML5 app to gather the user's input interview-style and output it as a PDF document that can be printed and kept with their important papers.

Deployed a web-based version of the app that runs in any web browser and automatically downloads itself to the user's device (desktop, laptop, tablet or phone). The user's information is never exposed to the internet and is stored on the device in an encrypted format.

Deployed a Cordova/PhoneGap version of the app that can be downloaded to an Android, iOS or Windows 10 device from the app stores. Again, the user's information is stored on the device in an encrypted format and is never exposed to the internet.

Created a marketing web site where financial planners can find out more about the product, create an account, brand their app, order quantities for distribution and reach out to their clients. Contact information collected on the site is sent to Constant Contact via their web API for use by From The Heart Press staff.

Created an administrative web site that From The Heart Press staff can use to track orders, distribute apps and reach out to their customers.

Created an end-user web site for information about, help with and distribution of the web-based version of the app.

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