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Carestream Health

A leader in the medical digital imaging industry, Carestream needed a tool that would allow their global sales force to easily generate quotes for their products on-the-go without requiring an internet connection. We: Designed and developed an HTML5 application that downloads and installs itself on the user’s device (tablet, phone, laptop or desktop) and stores its...
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Legacy Pathway

From The Heart Press offers a printed workbook, the Legacy Planner, which can be used by financial planners and their clients to gather all of the clients' important information (bank account numbers, locations of important papers, passwords, etc.) together in a single document. They were looking for an app that would provide the same ease...
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Service Partner Platform

Service Partner Platform connects retail companies like TJ Maxx, Wegmans, Walgreens and Kroger with companies that supply services like cleaning, snow removal, maintenance and landscaping, keeping detailed entry, exit and time records for each service visit. They were looking for an automated way to generate QuickBooks invoices from their service data. Working with their accounting...
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