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A leader in the medical digital imaging industry, Carestream needed a tool that would allow their global sales force to easily generate quotes for their products on-the-go without requiring an internet connection. We:

Designed and developed an HTML5 application that downloads and installs itself on the user’s device (tablet, phone, laptop or desktop) and stores its data locally in an encrypted format. Quotes are held on the user’s device until an internet connection is available, at which time they are automatically uploaded and routed the appropriate supervisors for approval and software/data updates are pushed down to the device.

Designed and developed a user-facing web site to distribute the app and manage the user’s quotes and account.

Designed and developed a web service that sends catalog updates to the app when available and receives quotes from the app.

Designed and developed an administrative site that allows Carestream personnel to update the catalogs, create & price custom x-ray room packages and push software & data updates to the sales force.

Originally implemented the mobile application as an HTML5 Cordova/PhoneGap app, but when the distribution through the various app stores proved to be too cumbersome, moved to an offline HTML5 app model instead. Web services are implemented in Microsoft Web API 2, salesforce- and administrator-facing web site is Microsoft MVC 4.

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