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FM Office Products

"You're Gonna Love Us"! FM Office Products, a regional office supply and furniture company, was looking for a way to bring together their rapidly expanding portfolio of web sites and services. Working with frequent collaborator David J. LeVant, Inc., we created a new web site that gathers all of their properties and information...
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Legacy Pathway

From The Heart Press offers a printed workbook, the Legacy Planner, which can be used by financial planners and their clients to gather all of the clients' important information (bank account numbers, locations of important papers, passwords, etc.) together in a single document. They were looking for an app that would provide the same ease...
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Axzo Press

Axzo Press was born when the employees of SkillSoft’s “NETg Press” division got together and bought their piece of the company. Starting with their existing product line of educational books and their sales force, their goal was to be up and running on a new accounting system and selling products through a new web site...
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