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Axzo Press was born when the employees of SkillSoft’s “NETg Press” division got together and bought their piece of the company. Starting with their existing product line of educational books and their sales force, their goal was to be up and running on a new accounting system and selling products through a new web site as fast as possible. Working with their startup team, we:

Developed a custom e-commerce web application with an outward-facing web site that handles sales and marketing, and an administrative site that handles order processing and fulfillment.

Set up a Microsoft SQL Server database, a QuickBooks Enterprise accounting system and a Microsoft Dynamics CRM system, with Product, customer, order and marketing data flowing between the systems in real time.

Integrated the application with a number of external web services such as UPS WorldShip and Avalara Tax to allow accurate real-time order processing and tracking, and also provided a suite of customer-facing web services that allow partner companies to submit and track orders in real time. Once orders are entered, the application is able to automatically push them to warehouses around the world for fulfillment by the customer’s nearest available source. Axzo Press currently processes 100% of its orders through the web application with order intake being fully automated.

After the initial startup, converted the accounting system from QuickBooks Enterprise to Microsoft Dynamics/Great Plains.

Launched an electronic “SmartCourse” platform that allows instructors to build custom courses that can be delivered as Instructor Led Training courses in a classroom environment or as self-paced learning on a variety of platforms including web browsers and mobile devices. The platform includes APIs and web services that allow 3rd-party partners to submit content, assign courses to students and monitor their progress.

Developed marketing web sites for several of Axzo's brands.

Axzo Press was acquired by Logical Operations and ceased operation of their web site in 2014 (see the announcement here), but you can still view it via the Internet Wayback Machine.

Visit the archived version of

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