Portfolio Category: Mobile Apps

Metro Racing

As the official "Internet Mechanic" for Metro Racing, we build, tune and maintain a variety of web- and mobile-based software to keep vintage motorcycle enthusiasts happy, well-dressed and entertained, including: The Metro Racing eCommerce web site, where fans can shop the Metro catalog for a variety of vintage gear. The Metro Racing Facebook page and shopping app,...
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Axzo Press

Axzo Press was born when the employees of SkillSoft’s “NETg Press” division got together and bought their piece of the company. Starting with their existing product line of educational books and their sales force, their goal was to be up and running on a new accounting system and selling products through a new web site...
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Open Source Projects

At Next Wave Software we contribute to a variety of open source software and hardware projects. We're particularly interested in Cordova/PhoneGap plugins and Internet Of Things projects since so much of our work is in building apps and services for mobile devices these days, so you'll find things like Bluetooth LE drivers and mobile geolocation...
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