Older Work

Over the years we've built a lot of great software for a lot of great customers. From industry giants like Microsoft, Kodak, Polaroid and IBM to local "Mom & Pop" retailers and everyone in between, it's been our pleasure to work with companies like these and deliver them handcrafted solutions that fit their business perfectly.

Web & Mobile Applications Desktop & Enterprise Software
Restaurant 2Vine Energetix intranet
AM&M Financial Services IBM ImagePlus/2 workflow software
AngstLab Records ING document management software
Atomic Softworks Kodak Image Server software
Axzo Press LLC Kodak ImageLink software
Barbara Heinrich Studio Kodak Network Node software
Campbell Illinois Outdoors Kodak ImageLink device drivers
Cary Castine, Financial Advisor
Clover Lawn & Landscape
Concentrix Corp.
Corrosion Products
Kristin Dowejko, Financial Advisor
Harper Homes
Polaroid ImageResults
David J. LeVant, Inc.
Microsoft Try IIS marketing site
MMC Marketing LLC
Monroe County Water Authority
Revolution ONE dental claims service
Sage Advantage
Sage Rutty & Co.
SPG Direct
YMCA of Greater Rochester

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